Intersoft Electronics offers independent verification and validation services during all acceptance testing phases. Ensuring that all of your technical and performance requirements are met during the procurement of your new radar system is fundamental across the project delivery. This can also be quite daunting for buyers less experienced in systems engineering practices, industry standards and core knowledge in radar principles.

Our people can ensure that all of your agreed specifications are met across each phase of delivery of your radar system – FAT, SAT and Flight Testing.

We will attend the relevant testing phase with you as your representative or we can perform acceptance measurement campaigns and deliver an independent report covering the agreed specifications afterwards.

Our people can further ensure that maintenance tasks (e.g. rotary joint replacement) has not degraded the performance of your radar, by verifying the radar's performance pre major maintenance works (to baseline the system) and post major maintenance works.

NATO/AIMS Certification Support

In the light of the coming shut-down of the legacy Mode 4 Identification Friend/Foe (IFF) System, the Mode 4 Sunset, US and NATO introduce a new Mode 5 Identification Friend/Foe System worldwide amongst their allies and partners for peace. The change requires thorough interoperability testing between all IFF equipment and all platforms that have any such equipment installed. The US DoD AIMS Program Office and NATO C3 have established in the meantime mandatory interoperability test procedures which have to be executed in witnessed testing before any new IFF equipment can be operationally used. AIMS PO has established the performance requirements in its document AIMS 03-1000 (current release version C) and NATO C3 has agreed on the equivalent STANAG 4193 Edition 3. AIMS and NATO have established a two stage certification mandate with defined test procedures:

  • a box (or bench) level certification
    • for IFF Transponder: AIMS 03-1101, NATO AeTP 12.1
    • for IFF Interrogator: AIMS 03-1201, NATO AeTP 12.5
  • a platform level certification
    • for IFF Transponder: AIMS 03-1102/1103, NATO AeTP 12.3, 12.4
    • for IFF Interrogator: AIMS 03-1202/1203, NATO AeTP 12.8, 12.9

With IE’s independent 3 decades experience in IFF equipment, manufacturing, installation, testing, based on its own designed test and verification tools, IE is able today to offer NATO and AIMS box and platform level certification support as a service to any Governmental or Industrial partner and client. IE will support the on site verification of the installed equipment as well as the box level laboratory testing (in a secured environment). Based on its experience IE is able to completely execute the testing and prepare the reports, support the submission of the dry-run reports as well as execute the AIMS/NATO witnessed measurements.

With this highly professional and experienced but manufacturer independent support, your AIMS/NATO box and platform level certification become a low project risk and well plannable activity!