Data capturing, conversion
& distribution solutions

The Data Handling Module (DHM) solution integrates data CAPTURING/CONVERSION & DISTRIBUTION services into a single solution.

Independent and highly scalable from single sensor site to large ATM systems, large capability in handling legacy and modern data formats and protocols. This maximises usability, flexibility, maintainability and cost-efficiency.

Core functionality:

  • Data recording and replay through various interfaces (for example Ethernet, serial port, FDDI)
  • Data distribution (through various interfaces)
  • Real-time protocol and format conversion
  • Real-time data correction (range, azimuth based on gyroscope eccentricity file, altitude, ...)
  • Real-time filtering of data on all available data fields (filter on S-addresses, filter on presence of MB data, geometry filter, …)
  • 24 / 7 operability
  • Real-time ADS-B extraction (Intersoft Electronics hardware required: UVR892 or RIM782 with optionally ARF800)

Field-proven in various operational and transportable setups.

To boost efficiency, streamline operations, Intersoft Electronics can deliver a portable Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) system; in order to provide a portable awareness and reference system. The ADS-B Receiver (ARF800) together with dedicated software offer a radar alignment and accuracy toolset.

RADCORE or Radar Data Convertor and Recorder (RDCR992) is a vital part in connecting a surveillance sensor with an ATC center, with the ability of a smooth integration of legacy radars in new ATM systems or vice versa.
The combination of protocol converting and data recording simultaneously, makes Intersoft Electronics’ RADCORE the tool for

  • real time Radar Message Converting and Distribution;
  • offline performance evaluation analysis (like ASTERIX validation).

Redundant in hardware and modular in software: the RDCR992 will prove to be an invaluable part in the complete radar-to-ATM processing chain.