Sensor Monitoring

The Intersoft Electronics Sensor Monitoring System (SMS) is a scalable surveillance monitoring system that provides real-time analysis on multiple surveillance sensors.

There is an increasing demand for early notification of sensor degradation in order to assure a Quality of Service (QoS) on the track output to the Controller Work Positions. The SMS greatly improves safety through the early provision of a warning of sensor degradation. Intersoft Electronics’ SMS is the most cost-effective solution to ensure that all sensors remain operationally compliant against the ICAO and EUROCONTROL mandated standards.

Therefore, the SMS is designed to achieve the following functions:

  • Provide real-time analysis on multiple surveillance sensors
  • Monitor on-line data feeds from radars (primary and secondary), MLAT/WAM systems, ADS-B stations, Surface Movement radars (SMR), tracks/plots obtained from Radar Data Processors
  • Generate visible and audible alarms and message alerts, in case of degradation of performance below a predetermined threshold
  • Accept sensor data via Local Area Network (LAN), fiber optic channels, serial line interface. Suitable protection services(firewall) are expected for protection LAN based systems
  • Able to perform:
    • On-line data handling and protocol conversions
    • On-line data analysis on each single sensor of the system
    • Data archiving of raw sensor data for more than 90 days with the capability to backup to external archive media
    • Off-line data analysis on each single sensor of the system
    • Statistics and performance figures generation
    • Archiving for long term trend analysis
    • Automatic report generation
  • Capable to provide clients, with suitable graphical user interfaces (GUIs), all sensor figures (i.e. performances), status, alarms, status of all the hardware components of the SMS
  • Easily upgradable for future integration of new sensors
  • Integration with RASS-S and RASS-R
  • Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring according ICAO and EUROCONTROL mandated standards

This all results in:

  • Improved safety
  • Early warning of sensor degradation
  • Automated performance charts
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Performance reporting
  • Advanced detailed analysis
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