Field Analyser

The first vital part of the radar chain is the antenna. Possible errors in this element can be detected using the Radar Field Analyser (RFA641), the RASS-S instrument intended for antenna and RF receiver measurements of (M)SSR ATC radars and primary radars in L- and S-band (900MHz – 3.0GHz; optionally a frequency range up to 3.5GHZ or an X-band version called RFX474 can be ordered). For this purpose, the radar does not have to be taken out of operation.

The RFA641 can perform the following measurements:

  • Uplink (transmission) antenna diagram: Pulse power = f(Azimuth)
  • Generation of test pulses for downlink (reception) antenna diagram: Rx Pulse power = f(Azimuth)
  • Receiver measurements: Rx sensitivity sweeps, Rx bandwidth sweeps and (sectorial) STC or DSTC sweeps
  • Transmitter power, spectrum, pulse shape recording, timing, mode and stagger verification
  • FRUIT generation for environment simulation
  • ADS-B scenario generation
  • Mode-S interrogation generator for transponder verification
  • Transponder quality verification
  • Target injection for non-pulse-compression primary radars
  • Remote Field Monitor function for SSR (A/C)
RFA641 Brochure Product Catalogue