Site Maintenance

The RASS-M tools (Radar Analysis Support System for Maintenance) are used by radar technicians during recurring maintenance activities to collect and analyse the data of the radar under test. The RASS-M hardware kit consists of several light-weight, small boxes, and its recorded data is fully compatible with RASS-S.

Using RASS-M the evaluation of the radar system will be completed quickly and with little interference to the controllers since the RASS-M system can be connected to signals which are already available and this under operational conditions. This advantage combined with the simple connections and easy-to-use user-interface ensure the radar technician that RASS-M is in fact the all-round radar maintenance tool.

Available functions:

  • Antenna measurements (uplink/downlink)
  • Solar recording
  • Window-based video recording
  • Sectorial video recording
  • Gyro recording to evaluate encoder system
  • Pulse power meter
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