Radar Comparator Mono/Dual

The Radar Comparator (RC) is an essential tool for radar performance analysis based on operational data from one or several sensor sources according the proper EUROCONTROL and ICAO standards.

The tools are used worldwide as a reference analysis and evaluation tool by civil and military ANSP, flight calibration companies, radar manufacturers and engineers.

  • EUROCONTROL Standard Document for Radar Sensor Performance Analysis SUR.ET1.ST03.1000-STD-01-01
  • EUROCONTROL Standard Document for European Mode S Station Functional Specification SUR/MODES/EMS/ SPE-01
  • EUROCONTROL Standard Document for Radar Surveillance in En-route airspace and Major Terminal Areas SUR.NET.ET1. ST01.1000-STD-01-01
  • EUROCONTROL Standard Document for ATM Surveillance System Performance
  • ICAO ANNEX 10 (Recommendations):
    • ICAO Document 8071 "Manual on the Performance Testing of ATC Radar Systems”
    • ICAO Document 9684 “Manual of the SSR Systems"

The RC uses opportunity traffic data for the calculation of probability of detection (Pd), processing delay, false plot rate and codes probabilities and accuracy measurements (range, range gain, azimuth and timestamp random errors).

Results are graphically presented in tables and on the displays supplied with cross-referencing functions, which is useful for further investigation and detection of radar problems and errors.

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