Windfarm Mitigation

Intersoft Electronics provides Engineering Assessments based on the Eurocontrol Guidelines for Assessing the Potential Impact of Wind Turbines on Surveillance Sensors, GUID-0130. For the Engineering Assessments we use our own Coverage Map Calculator and Coverage Map Viewer tools to make a model of the radar coverage.

When radar data is available this is used to further determine the Line of Sight of new wind turbines. Depending on the results of this engineering assessment a conclusion is formulated. When any kind of degradation of radar performance is expected we will make suggestions to mitigate this impact.

One of the solutions can be to upgrade the radar signal processor in order to make the radar better resistant against wind turbine clutter. More information on our radar upgrade solutions can be found in the Radar Technology and Innovation section on our website.

For systems with our NGSP already installed an After Installation Assessment can be performed. This type of assessment includes an in-depth analysis of the potential impact of the wind turbines on the radar. After analyzing the impact on the radar system tuning of the radar parameters and technologies can be performed. An After Installation report is delivered with more information on the analysis and mitigation.